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Deconstructing Brand Strategy

Building a strong brand is one of the most difficult tasks in business.  There are so many ‘moving parts’ that marketers must get right - from the strategy to the tactics and the creative.  The good news, though, is that despite the myriad of details, there is critical guidance that can meaningfully direct all branding.  In fact,  the brand model featured in my new book "Bridging The Gaps: The Love of Marketing" suggests that all consumer touch points should support just one broader consumer objective.  

o that end, there are two things that first must be uncovered:


Know your consumers' current identity.


This is a foundation of consumer marketing.  Beyond the demographics, really get in your consumers’ heads.  Understand what they think and what their values are.  What drives them physically and emotionally?  What keeps them up nights?  What gives them joy?  

Moreover, understand what role your brand plays in their lives. It’s easy to know the physical interaction.  Dig deeper to really understand the emotional relationship that they have with your brand and your category.  


Know your consumers' aspirational identity.


To connect most deeply with consumers, you've got to also understand the aspect of their identity that's focused on their hopes and dreams.   …


Posted by Michael B. Moore on July 12, 2014 at 11:30am

The "Truth" About Beats By Dre

Remember on American Idol when Simon Cowell used to chide singers for being “self indulgent”?  I think he meant that they were more focused on hearing themselves sing than in performing for the audience.  Beats By Dre, the hot headphone company, might be suffering from a similar egotistical malady.


To be fair, BBD has every reason to be on high.  They were just bought by Apple and have one of the hottest brands around.  But, sometimes, a sort of “irrational exuberance” can be the first sign of a brand’s downfall and Apple/BBD brass should be mindful of this.


As someone who’s been around the brand block a few times my antenna is fairly attuned to the saccharine infused puffery that many marketers and creatives use.  I found recent comments from Beats By Dre EVP Marketing, Omar Johnson, to be of the particularly high octane variety.  The article talks about “fearlessness” being one of the core pillars of the brand and quotes him saying,


“Truth is the foundation of our brand – from all we do across sports, headphones and music – it is all based on truth. The difference between us and other brands is we have a relentless passion to tell truth…


Posted by Michael B. Moore on June 23, 2014 at 8:30am

Bridging The Gaps, The Love of Marketing - Presentation Deck

Over the past four days I have posted chapter summaries of my just finished book, 'Bridging The Gaps, The Love of Marketing'.  It offers a hypothesis about how and why consumers create emotional attachments to the various brands in their lives.  It sheds light on the 'physiology' of branding, offering keen insight into how to more effectively and efficiently construct marketing efforts to create stronger, more emotionally resonant, and financially rewarding brands.

I invite you to start at the beginning and work your way through the posts.  You can start at the Introduction and Chapters 1 - 3 summaries.  Some of you will prefer to skip the longer form blog posts and explore the hypothesis in much shorter fashion in a presentation deck.  This will also be useful for people who have read the summaries - as this will help to pull it all together.

The deck is the bare bones, stripped down version; no images and not much explanation - just the most salient points.  The deck also has the benefit of presenting the 'Bridging The Gaps' hypothesis in a few graphs.  Some may find this particularly helpful.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with comments and questions.  Feel free to email if you have more personal inquiries: michael{at}  There's obviously lots that I didn't include here about how this hypothesis can help you grow your consumer business.  I'd love to help you!  

Thanks for taking a look!  Please click the link below for a PDF of the presentation.…


Posted by Michael B. Moore on April 3, 2014 at 10:30pm

Bridging The Gaps, The Love of Marketing - Conclusion

This is the final installment of chapter summaries.  This post, a bit longer than the others, captures the essence of the book's consumer behavior model.  It builds on the work of the early chapters to present the final "take" on how and why consumers make decisions about the brands in their lives.  

While the guts of the model are included in this summary, to get a fuller sense of where these conclusions came from you may want to start at the beginning - in the Introduction and Chapters 1 - 3 summary and move forward.  Please don't hesitate to post any questions or comments you may have.


As a subset of human psychology, consumer behavior is naturally also driven by the core needs to feel good, and to avoid feeling bad. Most of this is reflected in our creating relationships with brands that affirm our current identity and, even more importantly (and powerfully) that help to make us feel like our aspirational identity. Brands that affirm our identity make us feel good. Brands that actually can emotionally transform us into our aspirational identity make us feel the best about ourselves and therefore will command the greatest preference, loyalty, and…


Posted by Michael B. Moore on April 3, 2014 at 9:30am

Bridging The Gaps, The Love of Marketing - 3

This is the third installment of chapter summaries of the upcoming book 'Bridging The Gaps, The Love of Marketing'.  If this is the first segment you've seen, the book presents a hypothesis about how and why consumers connect with brands.  As the argument is presented rather linearly, you may want to begin with the first post: Introduction and Chapters 1 - 3.  The summaries today dive into our deepest emotions and how they can act like drugs in impacting our behavior.



While addictions are most frequently associated with unhealthy physical substances like nicotine, caffeine, drugs, and alcohol, they also apply equally to emotions. In fact, because we are universally drawn to recreate the feelings of love, acceptance, and happiness “imprinted” in infancy (bridging the emotional gap), people are probably even more prone to emotional dependencies than physical ones. In short, we become addicted to/dependent upon those things that/who make us happy. These emotional dependencies are precisely analogous to physical ones. Furthermore, in the same way that physical dependencies create highs and cravings, so also do emotional attachments. A “hit” of a drug creates a high, so does an emotional “hit” from someone or…


Posted by Michael B. Moore on April 2, 2014 at 8:30am

Bridging The Gaps, The Love of Marketing - 2

This is the second collection of chapter summaries of my new book, 'Bridging The Gaps, The Love of Marketing'.  If you are have yet to see the first installment, you may want to go to the Intro and Chapters 1 - 3 page.  

Today, we dive into some of the more complex issues of human identity and emotions.  As these are summaries, they are, of course, intentionally edited down.  I've tried to retain as much of the meaning of each chapter, but some content may be lost in editing.  Please don't hesitate to post questions and comments!

As well, please remember that the following is a set of suppositions about consumer behavior.  Whether the hypothesis is literally correct in every detail is less important than whether you believe it provides a useful framework to think about how people operate so as to create more effective and efficient marketing.



‘Unconditional love’ is the most powerful form of positive stimulation that we can experience in life. It is the source of the strongest, “best”, and most unadulterated stream of happiness that we ever experience. We feel this when someone totally and without reservation – loves us, in the absence of any competing emotions from them. Unfortunately, unconditional love is in extremely short supply in our world. In fact, although the…


Posted by Michael B. Moore on April 1, 2014 at 9:00am


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