Ad Critique: 2010 Lexus Commercial: "Pitch"

Critique the new Lexus ad. What do you think?

Here's the accompanying text: "See what happens when Lexus tunes the 552 horespower V10 engine of the LFA with the precision of a musical instrument. Discover what else is possible at http...

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Comment by Michael B. Moore on June 3, 2010 at 3:54pm
On first glance, I really like the spot. I love the visuals and the sounds!! My only question is that the ad ends with Lexus' "pursuit of perfection" and the glass being broken. I just wonder whether that's the best "pay-off" to that aspiration possible - that it can break a glass.

But, I reserve the right to think about this and submit an updated opinion! What do you think?
Comment by Ken Peters on June 3, 2010 at 5:03pm
My first thought is why are they running a spot for a car that is $325k and only within in reach for a limited number of consumers. This add doesn't make me want to buy the $50k Lexus that's within my reach.

That being said… the sound of the engine is beautiful. I'd rather see the car moving on a road/track than sitting still in front of a wall that looks like marshmallows.

The shattered glass is a tired cliche too associated with Memorex. That's a problem, not just because the ad calls to mind another brand, but because this car represents the ultimate in Lexus' contemporary technology, whereas the recollection of Memorex feels so 1980's.

In all of Lexus' marketing of this vehicle they use a white car, even though it is available in a vivid array of unusual colors and color combinations. I'd have rather seen something other than all white.

The white on white is a bit too Mac/PC. Too much about this spot calls to mind other brands.


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