Charlie Sheen wrecks his Benz. Michael Jordan says his maximum three words.

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Comment by Michael B. Moore on September 5, 2010 at 8:47pm
I never have understood the Hanes Michael Jordan campaign. Here's one of the most famous and popular people on the planet and Hanes puts a muzzle on him. Think about it. Every Hanes ad that he's in, all Michael says is a scant few words. What's that all about? Has MJ developed marble mouth since his NBA days? Did Hanes sign a long term deal with him but get some consumer intel that says that MJ can't sell underwear after all? Perhaps his contract stipulates payment by the word or something! :-)

Either way, you'd think Hanes would want to maximize the impact of the star in their ads. If they're going to use him (and spend the money), why not really use him? It seems quite conspicuous that he doesn't play a more fundamental role in the ads. Wouldn't it make sense to have him interact with the brand/product in some more meaningful ways than to just have him as a prop in the spots? Sure, I understand we're talking about underwear here, but just having an advertisement with Jordan in it does not, IMHO, make a great - or even compelling - ad.

Over the years, the campaign has also included a number of other celebrities in the ads with Jordan: Mathew Perry, Cuba Gooding, Charlie Sheen and perhaps others). I'm not quite sure why Hanes' thinks that Jordan on his own can't carry an ad. If there's this relative lack of confidence in Jordan, why use him at all?

Lots of questions. I truly don't get it. :-)


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