Here's an interesting spot. Critique it. Tell us your thoughts about it. Does it "work"? Is it a "good" ad?

Would you do anything differently here? If so, what?

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Comment by Larry DeVincenzi on October 17, 2009 at 2:54pm
If I spoke German, I'd be better prepared to critique the spot overall. I've had the pleasure of working with Porsche Cars North America in my past, and can tell you that this is a radical departure from their previous brand standards.

According to this commercial, Porsche's are apparently male by default. Men are by far and away their target market, which may position the product as enhancing the male image - which of course is a key motivation for buyers.

Do I like the spot? No. I find it sexist, and may well turn-off those women who could afford a Porsche. Personally, I find it somewhat crude without communicating the thrill of owning and operating the product - which remains a luxury brand.

But is it memorable? Yes it is. And that may be just what they're trying to do in this economy until the buying power returns to its target market.

As to whether it "works" or is a "good" ad - that will be told in the response in sales I'd imagine, and not by my personal preferences.
Comment by Marcus Osborne on October 18, 2009 at 12:03am
First of all it's a mass economy one-size-fits-all positioning ad that has no relevance in today's segmented marketplace where the tools are available to target and engage the right consumers (potential or existing Porche owners, both of who have very different value requirements) with content that resonates with them.

Secondly, as Larry said it's sexist so that also rules out 50% of the population. The attempt to shock doesn't work because a beautiful woman in lingerie is hardly risque.
Does it work? Will it make people go out and buy a Porche? I doubt it. Is it good? Well it is nicely executed but that is a given in this day and age. Is it memorable? I doubt it but that's not the point because creating memorable ads does not mean increased sales.
So I think it is absolute tosh (And for my non English cousins, that's not good).
Comment by Michael B. Moore on October 18, 2009 at 10:08am
Although I've been somewhat voracious in critiquing the previous ads, I'm going to surprise you here. I actually like this one. Presuming that the Porsche core consumer is a middle aged man - one who probably is powering through some measure of "mid life crisis", then this ad speaks directly (and perhaps powerfully) to them. The fact that it might be somewhat offensive to some women is a function of its targeted and focused nature; its not for them. I don't think that its generally a good idea to dance around limits of propriety, but in this day and age of increasingly licentious material on TV and cinema, I don't think this is over the line.

If the core Porsche consumer buys their cars to inject a bit of excitement and "sexiness" to lives most likely full of middle aged responsibility and routine, then positioning their brand as magnets for beautiful, lingerie-clad young women would seem to be strategic. People generally know about the performance aspect of the cars. Perhaps within the mix of Porsche messages out there, this spot is a light hearted reminder to reinforce a core emotional and aspirational aspect of the brand. In this day and time when times are tough, the emotional "hit" may be even more powerful.

I like! :-)


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